Emotions of the Spring Polytunnel

One might think that operating a mail order herb plant business was simple and logistical.  But our small growing space is packed full of emotion throughout the year - especially during early spring.  The Spring polytunnel is such an uplifting place, one filled with so much potential, anticipation and hope.
Spring can always bring it's challenges too, the last thrashings of winter, the cold rough weather refusing to leave without a fight.  As I write this words a huge storm is approaching.  The windspeed is increasing and the clouds are moving more quickly across the sky.  I have spent the last 24 hours ensuring that everything is secure and safe but still I can't help but check one last time.  Weather as powerful as this is truly humbling.
Sending thoughts to all of our friends who are working outdoors today, nervously waiting to see what damage the storms will bring.
Spring will eventually arrive. It's coming and we can't wait.