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Good question! Inside the box you will find four jars Chilli of our hotter herb/chilli fusion blends as well as a whopping SEVEN bags of dried chilli pods. These will include - three different types of Ghost Chilli, Smoked Jalapeno, Lemonella, Cayenne Pepers and a Carolina Reaper Chilli pod. Yes they are all rather warm! 

It makes a lovely present for that son-in-law that likes his food spicy. Anyone who likes chilli will recognise the names of the Chillies listed above! Use responsibly!

Caution - the chillies contained within this box are very, very hot. Care should be taken when using these ingredients. Avoid contact with eyes and most definitely wash hands after use. Keep out of the reach of children. Now, make some very hot curries and enjoy. We sure do!


What’s in the box?

-Naga Hot Curry Blend

-Scotch Bonnet and Thyme

-Spicy Sea Food

-Habanero Pasta / Caribbean Mix

Dried Chilli Pods:

-Naga Ghost Chilli

-Smoked Naga Chilli

-Chocoate Naga Chilli

-Cayenne Chilli

-Chipotle Chilli

-Lemonella Chilli

-Carolina Reaper Chilli