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Hardy Evergreen Herbs for Winter

Trailing Rosemary
Trailing Rosemary from £3.49
Oregano 'Hot n Spicy'
Oregano 'Hot n Spicy' from £3.49
Lemon Curd Thyme
Lemon Curd Thyme Sold Out
Orange Thyme
Orange Thyme from £3.49
BBQ Rosemary
BBQ Rosemary Sold Out
Hardy Winter Herb Collection
Hardy Winter Herb Collection £15.95
Thyme Sold Out
Winter Savory
Winter Savory from £3.49
Thyme Caborn Wine and Roses
Thyme Caborn Wine and Roses from £3.49
Hidcote Lavender
Hidcote Lavender from £3.49
Thyme 'Pink Ripple'
Thyme 'Pink Ripple' from £3.49
Rosemary from £3.49
Munstead Lavender
Munstead Lavender from £3.49
The Lavender Farm
The Lavender Farm £15.95