Boozy Collection

Boozy Collection

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What do you get?

A specially selected collection of six plants - our customers' favourites to use for making cocktails and seasoning drinks.

You guessed it.  This is our best selling collection of 2021, 2020, 2019...and 2018.  It’s very popular.

All of the herbs featured within this collection are perfect for growing on the patio ready for those summer cocktail parties.  These plants are so strong in flavour that they will hold their own even when mixed with a strong spirit. 

Did someone say Pimms?  A selection of these herbs were added to the Pimms at Mr and Mrs Urban Herbs' wedding and it was just as amazing as you might imagine.  Perfect as a present for a hen party or summer birthday bash.  This is truly a present with a difference.


The flavours you are going to be enjoying:

Rosemary - our choice of either traditional, trailing, BBQ 'smoky' Rosemary or another upright Rosemary such as Mrs Jessops.  This is so popular in cocktails at the moment.  Our friends at BBC Good Food Show love adding a garnish of Rosemary to a strong drink.  It is easy to grow and versatile.  Works particularly well with gin.  

Lime Mint  - a really sharp and strong flavour.  You will certainly taste the lime flavour in this variety - even in a strong drink.

Strawberry MInt - this is certainly a fun and fruity variety of mint!  Strawberry mojito anyone? 

Orange Thyme - this is SO good with Gin. A subtle but surprisingly wonderful flavor that brings a hint of citrus to your drink. 

NEW Lemon Verbena - this is such a strong, beautiful flavour and SO good in a drink.  Lemony and sweet - perfect for a cocktail.  We simply had to add this to the boozy collection this week!

Lemon Thyme  - our choice of either Lemon Thyme, Lemon Curd, Variegated Lemon Thyme or Creeping Lemon Thyme.  All amazing in a cocktail! 


How big are the plants?

All herbs are supplied in 9cm pots. They will be freshly picked for your order. The condition of the plants is our primary concern when fulfilling your order. The foliage will differ in size throughout the season and may be clipped prior to dispatch. The herbs are not soft grown and have spent time in unheated conditions. They are a product designed not just to last a few days but to be grown on by yourselves and supply flavour for months to come.



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