Bouquet Garni

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Bouquet Garni is traditionally a bunch of herbs tied together with string or in a bag and inserted into your cooking to add flavour.  It is traditionally used to season soups, casseroles and in slow cooked dishes.  The bunch of herbs is removed before the dish is served.

Our jarred version of bouquet garni leaves no chance of you leaving the bunch of herbs in the cooking!  A small amount of this blend goes a very long way.  The flavour of Rosemary comes through very clearly in this blend.  You will also be able to detect the delicious, deep flavours of Curled Parsley and Thyme.


Check out this amazing Bouquet recipe by the fabulous Tom Kerridge


Contains: Thyme, Parsley Rosemary.
Minimum volume: 40ml
Use within 6 months of opening.