A pot of Celery Leaf in front of a polytunnel

Celery Leaf Plants

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Celery Leaf is a fantastic ‘cut and come again’ salad herb. It grows so easily and tastes delicious.

In terms of flavour it packs quite a punch - a cross between celery and parsley - with the larger leaf being crunchy and delicious. We find it grows really well in a container or a raised bed. We cut it back regularly and it seems to enjoy this as much as we enjoy eating it. It can look quite architectural too, growing by the side of pathways.

  • Latin Name: Apium graveolens

    Type: Biennial 

    Soil Type: Free-draining soil

    Where should I plant this variety? Full sun/partial shade

    How tall does it grow? Approx 60cm

    How much space does it need? Approx 50cm

    When does it flower? Celery Leaf does not flower

    Top care tips: Cut back regularly to encourage healthy growth.


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