A handful of Golden Sage in the sun

Golden Sage Plants

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Highly attractive variety of Sage with gorgeous, golden foliage. We just love how this variety looks throughout the year, but it's evergreen foliage really comes into its own during autumn and winter as it provides a gorgeous splash of colour within the kitchen garden. For another beautiful variety of this herb, take a look at Sage 'Tricolour'.

  • Latin Name: Salvia officinalis Icerina

    Type: Evergreen, hardy perennial

    Soil Type: Moist soil

    Where should I plant this variety? Sun or partial shade

    How tall does it grow? Approx 70cm

    How much space does it need? Approx 70cm

    When does it flower? Blue flowers during summer.

    Top care tips: Prune back regularly to prevent the plant from becoming leggy.  Will enjoy free draining soil.  


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