Habanero Pasta

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Ok.  So this might sound like a strange combination of ingredients.  But it really works.  We have combined Greek Oregano and Habanero Chilli in this blend.

It works really well in pasta dishes.  We actually add it to lend a kick of heat to Spaghetti Bolognese or Lasagne.

But it works really well with Mexican cuisine too.  If you are making Fajitas 'from a box' simply add this to your ingredients to give your dish a little more fire power.  It smells amazing as it sizzles away with your fajita mix.

We have used this blend in this fantastic Chicken Fajita recipe.


Unique blended herb and chilli mix.Perfect for adding a spicy kick to pasta dishes. We tend to add it to Mexican Food too. It really adds a great kick to classic pasta dishes on cold evenings.

This contains a hot chilli - so please use this blend responsibly!


Contains: Habanero Chilli, Oregano.Minimum volume: 40ml

Use within 6 months of opening.