Herbal Tea Collection

Herbal Tea Collection

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What do you get?

A specially selected collection of six plants - our favourites to make herbal tea with.

The pace of life seems to get quicker by the second.  We constantly receive updates on smartphones, we watch tv while browsing the web on mobile devices, we run for trains and talk as we walk.  In this hectic world, it’s nice to be able to harvest your own flavour and take a moment for yourself.

That is what this carefully selected collection of plants does for us.  It will provide a moment of peace for you, and you can enjoy planting and nurturing these plants. You can plant them on into their new homes, firming the earth around them and watering them into place. You will have the chance to enjoy harvesting a few leaves in the morning before work and taking a moment to sip a delicious and naturally flavourful cup of herbal tea. The day might get more hectic but you can enjoy that moment, for you.


The flavours you are going to be enjoying:

Chocolate Mint - this is an unusual and delicious variety of Peppermint. Far sweeter than normal Peppermint, providing a distinctive aroma and delicious tasting tea.  

Peppermint Black  - a deep and soothing variety of Peppermint that is perfect for using to make a chilled out cup of mint tea.

Moroccan Mint - a classic flavour for Mint tea. Simply add warm water to the leaves and enjoy this delicious, deep and soothing flavour.

Lemon Curd Thyme - it really does smell like lemon curd!  When you add boiling water to the leaves, this variety makes a subtle and delicious herbal tea.

Variegated Lemon Balm - not only does this variety smell and taste amazing but it looks really pretty too.  Attractive gold/green foliage really draws the eye to this plant.  It's flavour is deep, mellow and lemony.

Chamomile ‘mobile’  - an absolute classic herbal tea ingredient. Many find it a relaxing and soothing drink. In this selection, you will receive either Roman or Double Chamomile.  


How big are the plants?

All herbs are supplied in 9cm pots. They will be freshly picked for your order. The condition of the plants is our primary concern when fulfilling your order. The foliage will differ in size throughout the season and may be clipped prior to dispatch. The herbs are not soft grown and have spent time in unheated conditions. They are a product designed not just to last a few days but to be grown on by yourselves and supply flavour for months to come.


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