Herbs for Bees Collection

Herbs for Bees Collection

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What do you get?

A specially selected collection of six plants - six varieties of herbs that the bees visiting your growing space will really enjoy.


Bees are incredible, useful and hardworking creatures that do so much to enhance our environment.  Essential to human existence in fact!  Sadly they are increasingly deprived of sources of pollination – especially in urban areas.  There are many varieties of herb that the bees absolutely love, that are excellent sources of pollen.  These herbs are also very tasty and smell amazing too. 

In a day and age in which low maintenance gardening and paved drives are the norm for most of us, planting up a few pots of herbs on our front drive or paved rear garden can do so much to help the plight of the bees.  This collection is for you to enjoy.  But mainly the bees!

The flavours that the bees are going to be enjoying:

Lavender Edelweiss - this is a beautiful and unusual variety of lavender with white flowers.  The bees will love these flowers as much as the other beautiful lavender flowers within this collection.  We think this variety is stunning.    

Lavender Vera - gorgeous lavender flowers on attractive evergreen foliage.  Bees will love this variety and so will you.

Creeping Red Thyme  - one of the best sights at Urban Herbs HQ is seeing our stock of Creeping Red Thyme plants covered in bees, busily working away.  Fragrant variety with beautiful flowers.

Rosemary - easy to grow, reliable and great source of flowering for bees.  They love the pale blue flowers.  And you will love the scent as you brush by this plant.  You will receive an upright Rosemary within the officinalis family (Mrs Jessop, Upright etc).

Hyssop - hardy and evergreen variety that is fantastic in soup and stew but also produces beautiful flowers, loved by the local bee population.

Variegated Lemon Thyme - your local bees will enjoy returning to his flowering variety again and again.  The foliage is attractive all year around, but for the summer months the bees will adore this.



How big are the plants?

All herbs are supplied in 9cm pots. They will be freshly picked for your order. The condition of the plants is our primary concern when fulfilling your order. The foliage will differ in size throughout the season and may be clipped prior to dispatch. The herbs are not soft grown and have spent time in unheated conditions. They are a product designed not just to last a few days but to be grown on by yourselves and supply flavour for months to come.

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