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Winter Savory

Winter Savory or ‘Satureja montana’ is a fantastic herb.  You know when the smell just instantly communicates delicious cooking to you?   Each time I smell this herb, I am inspired to google recipes in which to use it, and then end up adding it to whatever dish I happen to be cooking that evening with varying degrees of success. It is easy to grow, hardy and evergreen.  Plant it somewhere sunny in nice, free draining soil.  I keep mine in a pot by the backdoor.  It produces pretty white flowers in late summer too - the bees seem to love them and with good reason. It is a great source of nectar for them. 

You can add this herb to soups and stews and use it in stuffing.  It’s especially good with bean dishes.

  • Latin Name: Satureja montana

    Type: Evergreen perennial

    Soil Type: Free draining

    Where should I plant this variety? Full sun/Partial shade

    How tall does it grow? Approx 50cm

    How much space does it need? Approx 50cm

    When does it flower? White flowers during summer

    Top care tips: Add grit to your growing medium to encourage the free draining conditions that this plant prefers