April 2021: Already thinking of BBQs

Spring is finally, properly here and we are so excited! Having the polytunnels full of plants is just wonderful and getting to spend time outside looking after them is so lovely, as the weather gets warmer after the colder months.

As the days start to get longer, the weather starts to brighten up and we get to spend more time in our gardens, we are also soon going to be heading into a momentous time of year in the UK: Barbecue season!

This is somewhat of an institution, an opportunity to take full advantage of our gardens and the sunny weather when it comes our way, by getting the grill going and cooking up all the burgers, hotdogs, chicken, kebabs, halloumi and more (I am making myself really hungry, so I will leave it there!).

This brings me to a wonderful secret weapon that I would like to introduce you to, that will make your barbecue extra tasty this year: Barbecue Rosemary.

Many of you will know of my love of Rosemary as a flavour, and I include Barbecue Rosemary in that too. It sums up what is best about the plants that we work with; a traditional Rosemary flavour that we all know and love with an unusual, smoky twist that is just beautiful with meaty dishes and especially, barbecue.

So the next time you have a barbecue, make sure you have a little Barbecue Rosemary on hand to season your dishes as you cook them to give them an extra delicious, smoky flavour.

Barbecue Rosemary is available to order now on the Urban Herbs online shop, so be sure to take a look and make your barbecue extra fancy this year!