December 2020: Cosy winter flavours

It is a truth universally known that December is a magical month. Of course, this is helped in no small part by the fact that Christmas is very much on the way and with this, a wonderful part of the festive season; amazing food.

We at Urban Herbs are very big foodies, so this is one of our favourite times of year. Food is so comforting and has an uncanny ability to bring everyone together at this time of year, even if it is a little different this time around.

One of the wonderful parts of growing herbs throughout the year is that you get to use them as part of your hearty winter cooking as the nights start to draw in, reminding you of the summer you spent growing them. We are particularly obsessed with garlic and Rosemary, so we take every opportunity to add these to what we are cooking, be it a winter stew, a warming chilli or a Sunday roast!

Speaking of Rosemary, it is really lovely to see our evergreen herbs continue to thrive and add a bit of colour to our kitchen garden. Together with our Rosemary, our Thyme, Winter Savory and Sage plants are all doing their bit and giving us delicious flavours that we love to use in different dishes. They also give us a chance to indulge in our love of gardening during the colder months, which tides us over until the spring!

This time of year is a chance to get cosy under a toasty blanket and indulge in lovely winter food, with all of those wonderful flavours your kitchen garden has to offer. This year in particular has been hard on all of us at times, so we all deserve to take a moment and treat ourselves. As New Year comes around, it will be a chance to look forward and think about the amazing things coming up in 2021.

In terms of your garden, 2021 will begin on a very positive note as the Urban Herbs online shop will be opening on Monday 4th January 2021 ready for pre-orders of fresh herbs, so you will be able to pick your chosen plants ready for a spring delivery!

We cannot wait for 2021 and we look forward to hearing from you all, sharing experiences and stories as we head into spring.

Until then, Mr and Mrs Urban Herbs wish you all a Merry Christmas and see you on 4th January!