February 2021: A love letter to Blackcurrant Sage

Blackcurrant Sage is an amazing herb. I don’t tell the others, but it is my favourite.

This is a pretty bold statement, as there are many herbs in the polytunnel vying for that title (some of which succeed depending on the day…I have talked about my great love of Rosemary before). But to me, Blackcurrant Sage is really special.

When we first began growing the more unusual varieties of herbs, it was a wonderful opportunity to discover new and exciting herb flavours that I had never heard of, disbelieving what my senses were telling me as I rubbed the leaves and smelt Pineapple (Pineapple Sage), Lemon sherbet (Lemon Verbena) and Mint Choc Chip (Chocolate Mint!). But Blackcurrant Sage was my first experience of a more unusual herb variety, with its beautiful pink flowers, little leaves and smell that reminded me of drinking Ribena when I was a kid. It gives me a real sense of nostalgia every time I smell the leaves and because of that, I love it.

This may also be due to us creating new memories around Blackcurrant Sage since we discovered this amazing plant, using it in cocktails as part of my best friend’s hen do to our florist using the Blackcurrant Sage’s gorgeous flowers as part of the buttonholes and bouquet at our wedding.

Blackcurrant Sage is my happy plant, reminding me of lots of lovely times spent with friends and family. We planted one at the entrance to one of our polytunnels too, so I get to experience this wonderful herb every time I pop in!

Blackcurrant Sage is now available to pre-order on the Urban Herbs online shop, so whether you want to buy yourself or a loved one a little present or order it as part of our Boozy Collection (as I did for my friend’s hen do!), I hope you enjoy Blackcurrant Sage and grow to love it as much as I do.