Introducing Garlic Chives

Today we are talking about “Allium tuberosum” which suddenly sounds a lot more interesting when we call this plant Garlic Chives. We’ve been waiting to feature this plant for quite a while as it is a variety of living flavour that we absolutely adore. You know THAT plant that you discover and think everyone else should be raving about it? Well for us THIS is that plant.⁠

This a cut again herb that provides you with new, continuous and delicious flavour. The more you cut it the more that it produces flavour for you. What is that flavour? In Garlic Chives you still get the strong unmistakable flavour of onion, of traditional chives. But added to that is a subtle and useful hint of garlic. We find that this ‘hint’ grows that more that you cook with it. Sometimes we add Garlic Chives to stir fry dishes, at first you can barely smell them and then slowly your kitchen becomes filled with the deep and delicious smell of garlic. You can also add Garlic Chives to salads, soups or stews. This is a flavour that will compliment your cooking without overpowering the dish.⁠

Where to grow Garlic Chives? You will plant this variety in either full sun or partial shade (getting at least a few hours of sunlight per day). They will definitely want to be nicely free drained - they don’t enjoy sitting in water. Garlic Chives will grow to a comfortable 40cm height and should be spaced around 30cm apart. They are a fully hardy perennial so you don’t need to worry about the British winter visiting your plants.⁠

The flowers are another major bonus with the Garlic Chives. Unlike the pink flowers of ‘normal’ chives the Garlic Chives produce gorgeous white flowers that look like feathery wispy pop-pops. They are edible and tasty but more importantly the bees and other wildlife love them. They seem to be in flower for ages and the bees just keep coming back for more!⁠

Garlic Chives: Vital Statistics⁠

Easy to grow: 8/10⁠
Speed of growth 7/10⁠
Invasiveness 4/10⁠
Garlic Factor 8/10⁠
Extent that it makes us want to cook cool things with Garlic 10/10"⁠

Did you notice? Vital Statistics are back. Do you think they should stay? ⁠

Tempted to grow Garlic Chives in 2023?