Introducing Olive Herb

The Olive Herb plant is one of the varieties that we are most excited to bring back this year. You guys have loved it over the past couple of years and this variety has always sold out so quickly, so we will be growing many more this year.

The Olive Herb smells and tastes of olive, which can be used in so many different ways. As soon as we encountered this plant, we were amazed by the vivid aroma.

The leaves can be cut and stirred into a salad or used as a seasoning within a pasta dish or homemade pizza. The flavour is strong, delicious and versatile. We think that you will discover that this incredible herb really encourages you to experiment which different flavour combinations and ideas.

Enjoy adding an olive to your summer cocktails? You could also experiment by using a sprig from this fascinating plant to drinks during the summer.

The Olive Herb will enjoy being planted somewhere sunny. It is low maintenance but will appreciate free draining conditions. Perfect for a container. It’s compact growth habit is highly attractive.

Give this a go in your 2023 garden!