Introducing Strawberry Mint

This morning, we are talking about Strawberry Mint. Don't worry we will wax lyrical about the amazing culinary possibilities that this variety provides, but first I wanted to begin this post with a short story.

In 2014 we attended a major flower show and put Strawberry Mint out for visitors to browse and purchase. I had known this variety for a couple of years and loved it. But seeing people's reaction to Strawberry Mint that day - it made me appreciate it so much more.

Visitors were surprised that it really did smell like Strawberry. I saw their faces change, one after another. This wasn't a plant that they 'had' to buy in order to fill a space in the garden. It was something that they wanted to add to their growing space, knowing that it would make them smile.

Isn't that what the most amazing plants do?

Strawberry Mint is one of those fun and fruity varieties of mint that we truly love, suited to desserts, teas and cocktails as well as savoury applications. It makes a seriously nice herbal tea and.... Strawberry Mojito anyone?

Is this a variety you have grown before?

Did you have the reaction that I described above?

Tempted to grow it yourself in 2023?

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