January 2021: Spring always comes.


Everywhere during the next few months you will see signs of hope around you.  The days are beginning to lengthen, small shoots emerging in the garden and soon the bulbs that you planted back in autumn will begin to emerge, preparing to provide you with an early Spring firework display of colours within your borders.

In our online store on 4th January 2021 a range of herbs will appear available for pre-order.  This means that you can order a selection of herbs of your choosing which will then be delivered to your doorstep in late March/early April – just as you wish to begin planting.  We think that this purchasing option is exciting.  It allows customers to research, plan and then anticipate the herb varieties that they will receive later in spring.  It will mitigate against the inevitable ‘rush’ that will happen in late March and early April as gardeners emerge into their gardens.  By pre-ordering you are guaranteeing the selection that you truly desire rather than choosing from the weekly availability.

More importantly - we love the sense of excitement and anticipation that pre-order generates.  You will see Urban Herbs posts during January and February while knowing that your herbs will be on their way to you really soon.  We all need something to look forward to.

Spring is coming.  What will you grow this year?