July 2021: Pimm's o'clock anyone?

Ahh summertime! Sometimes it feels like the most elusive of the seasons, which makes it all the more welcome when it arrives. As we all endeavour to get as much out of those few months of sunny weather as we can, there are many lovely traditions associated with summer that we really missed during 2020 – afternoons in a beer garden, festival season, wedding season, cricket matches, Wimbledon to name but a few.

Thankfully, there are a couple of summer traditions that we were still able to do last year and are very much indulging in at the moment, one of which is the trusty Pimm’s o’clock!

Pimm’s, for those of you that have not yet come across it, is a beautiful summer drink made up of the gin-based liqueur mixed with lemonade, strawberries, orange, cucumber and the all-important Mint. The great thing about Pimm’s is that it can be made with any chopped fruits and herbs that you fancy, so you can be a bit adventurous!

For us, it is a lovely chance to try out the many different Mints that we have to hand (we are very committed to our research on behalf of our customers!), seeing which flavours best compliment this fruity cocktail. So far, Strawberry Mint, Lime Mint and Moroccan Mint are our favourites but we will continue our summer drinks explorations at the end of our long days looking after the plants and packing orders! We will keep you posted on our findings…