June 2021: The explosion of life within our polytunnels.

Our tunnels are currently so full of life.  Seriously.

Plants are now growing so quickly within our tunnels.  Pruning is a daily task which we absolutely love.  It provides us with ample opportunity to propagate but more importantly provide delicious ingredients for our cooking each evening.

A few days ago I was sitting within one of our tunnels late into the evening, tidying after a busy dispatch day and attempting to bring order to our growing spaces.  I put my headphones in and began pruning back tray after tray of Vietnamese Coriander.  The smell of this fantastic plant filled my senses and I was lost in the peace of an early summer evening surrounded by flavours that I genuinely love.  Being surrounded by such amazing life seems good for the soul on evenings such as that.

Soon the temperatures will rise and our polytunnels will become uncomfortably warm.  But for a few more weeks I will enjoy the energy and life that our polytunnels in June hold within them.