March 2021: The Power of Change.

Change is so important.  Each seasonal change that we encounter in the UK brings changes into our growing spaces and into our lives.  It’s a magical process that revitalises our gardens and encourages us to look at our growing spaces in a new way.

We believe that it is so important to embrace the power of change.  To try new things.

We are constantly inspired by the example set to us by one of our older customers who calmly told us that each spring she completely digs up 1/5 of her garden and redesigns it.  She looks forward to the chaos that this brings in early March each year and begins the process of renewal, redesigning and planting new varieties.  She calls this ‘blank slate thinking’.

I once asked her why she did this.  And she replied:

Because if I don’t force myself to change things there is a risk that things will stay the same.  And wouldn’t that be awful

I admire that so much.

This Spring we will introducing new aspects and elements to our business, attempting to implement our own blank slate thinking into the way that we promote and share the joy of growing with you.



This month those of you who have placed pre-orders with us will start to receive your herb plants.  Your herbs can’t wait to meet you!