May 2021: The Joy of Spring

As growers sometimes it is so easy to be swept away with the frenzy of activity that spring brings with it.  Our plants begin to grow quickly.  Our polytunnels are a feast for the senses as the humidity rises and the days get longer.

It is so important to find a moment to step back and appreciate the magic that is unfolding around you within your growing space.

A few days ago we found a few moments in the early morning to sit quietly in our small kitchen garden and listen to the sound of spring.  The excitement of the birdsong, the electricity that seems generated by plants growing and the sense of potential that hums around every growing space in the month of May.  We might still receive frosts.  Cold mornings and chilly evenings might still grace us during May.  But as growers we all know that something is exciting is happening around us.

We truly hope that you get opportunity during the next few weeks to sit and appreciate the wonder of spring in all it’s glory.  Spring only comes once per year and it is so important that we all appreciate it’s magic.