My typical day at Urban Herbs by Theresa Perry

Just as the seasons change, so does my work at Urban Herbs. 

In early Spring, I work occasionally, out in the polytunnel. I arrive wrapped up and remain so throughout much of the day! My workplace is one of the polytunnels; as I fill many, many pots with compost. Some might think that sounds boring. For me it’s really special.  I love the rhythm of filling the pots with compost as I listen to the occasional birds singing.  But it can be cold!!

Further into Spring, I work regularly two days a week.  I get to pot up plug plants with all the promise and hope that they represent. However, in the middle of March, the pace changes suddenly.  The online herb shop opens and the orders start to appear.  In a very short space of time my day consists of picking and packing the many online orders.  It is tiring but so rewarding. It is so humbling that our online community 'get' what we are doing.