Urban Herbs Nostalgia

We've been feeling nostalgic of late. For the last two years we have been running an increasingly successful UK mail order plant business.  We know that customers want to buy herb plants online within the UK and we had wanted to develop an online store, in which customers could purchase herb plants for their kitchen and garden for some time.  We wanted to build the herb shop that we would want to shop in as herb geeks.  We wanted to add the customer service that we would like to receive ourselves.  We hope that we are getting there.


But we've also been thinking back onto our journey.  The days that we stood

A snapshot of an early Urban Herbs market

outside St Mary's Church in Bearwood working so hard for sales in all weathers. We asked ourselves how we got the strength to do that - day after day.  It was hard sometimes. 

But this also laid the foundations for what followed.  We built a community around ours stall - people that we would see each week.  It taught us the importance of community.


We will always look back fondly on those days.  Perhaps not the days in which the gazebo blew away.  But so many happy memories.