We need to apologise.

We need to offer two apologies. ⁠

Firstly we might post a little bit too much about the Cola Plant. ⁠

Secondly, we can't even try to write a grown up and sensible 'gardening post' about this incredible plant.⁠


This is one of those varieties that surprises you with the strength of it’s flavour. It really does smell distinctively of cola. ⁠

There was a major stock update in our online store yesterday evening and overnight Cola Plant was the best selling variety during a very busy evening.⁠

When we brushed the foliage of these amazing plants earlier in the year we were excited by the fragrance, the flavour and the possibilities that it brings. We are so pleased that so many of you share that excitement.⁠

This variety is worth growing for it’s gorgeous foliage which is highly attractive and its refreshing fragrance which would complement any sensory garden. ⁠

However, it is the flavour of this plant that excites us. At Urban Herbs we are self confessed foodies that love experimenting with new and unusual flavours. The Cola Plant provides so many possibilities. It can be added to a wide selection of dishes, salads, baking and marinades.⁠

It is the possibilities that this variety offers to be added to drinks that really interested us. We know that so many of you will already be thinking of adding this variety to creative summer cocktails. We have found that Cola Plant is perfect for adding to a cooling soft drink on a warm day.⁠

Have you grown Cola Plant before? Tempted to grow it this year? We sure hope so. You won’t regret it. This is a plant that had made us smile ever since we met it. We hope that you enjoyed ‘meeting’ the Cola Plant this morning!⁠