Living flavour delivered to your door! Delivery starting from £4.95


What makes Urban Herbs products so special?

We are so proud of the products that we sell.  We grow and dry a large percentage of the dried ingredients that we use in our herb blends and chilli boxes.  Yes, even many of the highly unusual chilli fruits such as Carolina Reaper or Lemonella Chillies are grown by us in Birmingham.  This is something that we are really proud of.  It means that we control a significant percentage of our production process.  We have a greater control over the provenance and quality of our ingredients.  We can also reduce the food miles that go into our produce.

Our products are unique.  At Christmas sometimes we can all find it difficult to find that perfect gift and run the risk that it might be replicated by another family member.  It has happened in our house a few times – a family member has been given the same gift twice!  There is no risk of that when you purchase our products.  They are unique to us, highly unusual and artisan.

We believe that people buy from people.  You are buying from a small family business.  Your order will be processed by either Andrew or Theresa.  We care about your order and take great care to check the quality of your order, dispatch swiftly and communicate with you throughout the process.  You are buying from human beings who understand how important your purchase is to you.  You are not just an order number – you are a customer whose business we value enormously.  Inevitably things go wrong.  You might change your mind about an order – or your desired delivery time.  In this situation it will be a human being who cares, helps you and rectifies the situation.

I live in Birmingham.  You are based in Birmingham - £3.95 seems a lot for delivery?

We offer a standard delivery rate of £3.95 to cover the cost of packaging and Royal Mail Parcel Delivery.

But we are also a business embedded in our local city and community; we grow in both Rowley Regis and Bearwood.  During peak seasons, we offer free delivery to adjoining neighbourhoods.  For more information, monitor our social media feeds where we will also post ongoing news, offers and giveaway guides.  If in doubt, please just contact us and we will let you know if we can arrange a free Birmingham delivery.  If we can fit you into a delivery route, we will.


I am having difficulty finding my desired product, can you help?

Of course.  You can search our store by using the ‘search tab’ on the home page.  But if you still can’t find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.  We don’t mind at all!  The worst that can happen will be a prompt reply confirming that this is not something we currently stock.


I am an event organiser and would love Urban Herbs to trade at our event.  How do I talk to you about this?

We would actively encourage you to get in touch and begin this conversation.

Please be aware that we are an established business with a large portfolio of events that we attend through out the year.  By October we will be 90% booked for each weekend the following year.  We will have a number of sales teams operating throughout the Spring and Summer months.  If you would like to apply for us to attend your event please contact us.  Predicted footfall, pricing information and payment terms can then be discussed.


I just placed an order.  How long will it be before it arrives?

We aim to dispatch each order within 24 hours of it being received.  The parcel will then be sent via Second Class Royal Mail Parcel postage.  This suggests 3-5 working days until delivery, although in many cases it will be slightly sooner.  If you are concerned regarding the ETA of an item, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you.


I am very conscious about my impact on the environment.  What kind of packaging do you use?

This is a concern that we share and we are taking steps to reduce our own environmental impact.  During 2019 and 2020, we will be making some exciting announcements regarding packaging innovations that will further reduce our environmental impact.

We are a small business and during the 2018 winter season, we have been attempting to re-use as much of our mail order packaging as possible.  This is a small change that makes a big impact.  If you have received a mail order delivery from us this year, the chances are that it may have arrived in a card board box which we had previously received a delivery in ourselves.  We try to re-use bubble wrap packaging.

Our products are predominantly packaged in high quality glass and cardboard.  The Chillies are the only product which is wrapped in sealed plastic.  This is for safety and hygiene reasons.

As a UK grower of a variety of our own ingredients, we are proud that we are reducing the food miles that go into the flavours that we sell.


What is your privacy policy?

In line with current legislation we are obliged to declare our privacy policy.  We care about our own privacy and know that you do as well.  Please click here for our privacy policy.


If I am not happy with my order, what is your policy on refunds?

Urban Herbs has been operating since 2010.  To this date we have only ever received three requests for a refund – all of which have been granted with no quibble.  It is important to us that the customer is happy.  We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that you are satisfied.  For the legal aspect of our refund policy please click here.