Our Story

We are big believers that the journey is as important as the destination.

2008-2010: The beginning

Mr Urban Herbs was a student at university who enjoyed experimenting by growing unusual culinary flavours. In 2010 he established his first business 'Andrew's Plants' to grow and sell plants in order to pay his tuition fees.

2012-2013: We specialised in herbs and Urban Herbs was born

We recognised the potential and magic of our range of herb plants and specialised selling only herbs.  Urban Herbs was born in early 2013.

2014: Urban Herbs grows within the food festival and street food scene

Emerging into the thriving food festival and street food scene Urban Herbs was able to learn from amazing development chefs and food and drink producers from across the UK. Identifying exciting living flavours and amazing uses for them.

2018: Urban Herbs online community is born

Urban Herbs online brand begins to grow. Our social media channel evolved into a positive place in which we were able to welcome foodies and growers alike into our growing space virtually.

2020: Urban Herbs online store opens its doors

During 2020, our online store began accepting visitors! We specialised in making our online herb shop a paradise for herb geeks.   We challenged ourselves to place customer experience at the heart of the product we offer and share the joy of growing. If there's anything you ever need from us, don't hesitate to get in contact.