Introducing Tashkent Mint

One of our best sellers this week has been ‘Tashkent Mint’ or Mentha spicata 'Tashkent' to it’s close personal friends.  We love this variety of Mint and it’s clear that you guys do also.


Tashkent Mint is a very, very, very, very strong variety of Spearmint.  It packs a much more intense flavour than normal Spearmint, Garden Mint or indeed our very own fabulous Moroccan Mint.  Overpowering would be a good descriptive word to insert here.  This herb is not subtle.  This is turbo charged Mint.


It will enjoy being planted in moist soil in sun or partial shade.  And this Mint will reach an impressive 80cm tall, on strong firm slightly architectural stems.  (Of course in reality it won’t be likely to reach this height because….. you will be drinking so much of it in tea or with cocktails.). It’s important to keep it contained, it really wants to travel and see the world!  We once planted a Tashkent Mint in the ground in Birmingham and by the time we had caught it - it was half way back to Tashkent!


The Mint tea that this plant produces is so strong.  Its deep and delicious in flavour.  We love it.  Only one cup per day perhaps!


Tashkent Mint: Vital Statistics


Easy to grow: 9/10

Speed of growth 10/10

Invasiveness 13/10

Strength of flavour 10/10

Subtleness 1/10


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