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BBQ Rosemary Plants

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Looking for something a little different to add to your herb garden? BBQ rosemary is an excellent choice. You will recognise traditional, fragrant and vaguely sweet Rosemary flavour but this is coupled with more than a hint of woodsmoke. It pairs perfectly with our hardy spring herbs collection, adding something a little different to the classic flavourings. When you experiment with this variety, you will see that the flavour is a fun mix. 

          Latin Name: Rosmarinus officinalis 'Barbecue'

          Type: Evergreen, Perennial

          Soil Type: Well drained

          Where should I plant this variety? Full sun

          How tall does it grow? Approx 60cm

          How much space does it need? Approx 60cm

          When does it flower? During the summer months

          Top care tips: Avoid waterlogged roots during the winter

This fantastic plant is easy to grow but will enjoy being planted in a sunny, free draining position. Perfect for growing in a container next to the kitchen door or even better, next to your BBQ. It’s important to prune the top third of the plant regularly to ensure the plant doesn’t become leggy and woody. Cutting into the hard wood stems is not ideal so make sure you've read up on how to grow rosemary before getting carried away with your snips.

BBQ rosemary's iconic needle-like leaves, often used as skewers or scattered directly onto the grill grates, release their essential oils upon contact with the heat creating a multi-sensory experience each and every time you cook. These aromatic oils infuse the food with a fragrant and earthy essence that's synonymous with outdoor cooking, a must-have herb for the summer months. Whether you're grilling marinated meats, seafood, vegetables, or even fruits, BBQ rosemary adds a layer of complexity to the flavor profile, elevating the overall dining experience.

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