A group of Hyssop plans in the sun

Hyssop - Blue Flowering

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Hyssop is an evergreen, hardy variety of herb plant that provides a gorgeous minty/peppery flavour.  The foliage of Hyssop looks beautiful, providing an evergreen presence within the herb garden but it is further adorned with gorgeous flowers during the summer months that are loved by wildlife.  

This variety will enjoy growing in a sunny and free-draining position.  Perfect for growing within a bed with other herb plants or a container. Be sure to check out Mexican Giant Hyssop too for something a little different! We've even got a blog featuring everything you need to know about Hyssop to help you have the best success on your growing adventure. From how to prune your plants to get the best out of them to their perfect growing conditions and inspiration on how to use them, we're excited to share such a fantastic plant with you. 

The flavour of hyssop is perfect for seasoning stew or fatty meat.  We love adding hyssop to a homemade soup, its peppery flavour is absolutely delicious.  This herb plant is loved by foodies due to all the exciting options that it provides. From winter through to summer, it's a great addition to the garden and one you'll want to come back for year after year. 

Hyssop is particularly useful for supporting and attracting local wildlife.  This is one of many varieties that we stock that the local bees population will love visiting during the summer.  This herb made it into our Classic Herb Collection too as a must have for your herb garden.


Latin Name: Hyssopus officinalis

Type: Evergreen, Perennial

Soil Type: Well drained

Where should I plant this variety? Full sun

How tall does it grow? Approx. 60cm

How much space does it need? 50cm

When does it flower? Blue flowers through mid to late summer

Top care tips: Prune back regularly, especially after flowering to prevent the plant from becoming leggy and to promote positive healthy growth