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Lime Mint Plants

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Looking for a more unusual variety of mint? Lime Mint packs a punch with flavour and is a fantastic addition to any garden for a sensory element. It's gorgeous rounded, green leaves add texture to the space, contrasting against the deep stem whilst the sprays of light purple flowers in the summer months are a real treat for your pollinator-friendly garden. It's a perennial plant which will come back stronger year after year to reward you with its tantalising scent, taste and texture. 

Every leaf has a lovely strong lime flavour mixed in which works wonderfully well in a mojito, a homemade lemonade or simply to add into water for a little treat. The leaves can also be used fresh or dried in hot teas, but be sure not to leave the leaves to steep for too long as this has a stronger flavour than a lot of other mint varieties which means it can easily turn bitter or need further dilution. We think that this is likely one of the strongest flavoured herbs that we sell!

In terms of maintenance, Lime Mint plants don't need a lot beyond free-drainging soil, the occasional prune and a good amount of sunlight making it a great option for those new to growing herbs. You must be careful, however, of how invaisive the roots can be if not confined into a pot. It can take over your entire garden if you're not careful, but by reading up on how to contain your plants in our 'how to grow mint'blog will certainly help to ensure you don't make any silly mistakes. 


Latin Name: Mentha x piperita f. citrata 'Lime'

Type: Perennial

Soil Type: Moist

Where should I plant this variety? Sun/partial shade

How tall does it grow? Approx. 40cm

How much space does it need? Spreads rapidly. Keep contained

When does it flower? Light purple flowers during summer.

Top care tips: Cut back regularly but especially after flowering. Keep contained!



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