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Lime Mint

Really different variety of Mint with a strong lime flavour to each leaf.  Perfect for adding to drinks or salads.  This is not a subtle flavour, just rubbing the leaf gives you a strong aroma of lime.

  • Allow me to introduce Lime Mint (or Mentha x piperita f.citrata 'Lime' after we have had a few jugs of Pimms containing this amazing herb!). Some might think that it is perfect in an alcoholic drink - but I just love making Mint tea using this beautiful flavour.

    It is tempting to talk only about the scent of this plant, but the foliage is deceptively gorgeous too. The deep green shades of the leaves hide a dark purple element within that emerges as the plant grows. It invites the eye to travel further into the foliage, exploring and detecting the many shades within. The small purple flowers that can emerge during the summer are gorgeous too - although we harvest the plant far too much to see these flowers often!

    We are told that the plant is also useful for deterring insects. The good news just keeps on coming!

    The culinary uses for this plant are seemingly endless and the delicious fragrance that it exudes will encourage you to try all of them. Lime Mint is delicious as a garnish with chicken or fish. It can be eaten raw, chopped finely in a mixed salad or veggie stir-fry. It can be added to drinks either soft or alcoholic. It also makes a delicious Mint tea.

    It would be best to keep this variety in a pot to stop it from becoming invasive. We planted three plants to go into the Pimms at our wedding back in 2014, and we are reliably informed that they are still spreading and taking over the garden. It will enjoy being grown somewhere moist in either full sun or partial shade.