Orange Mint Plants

Orange Mint Plants

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Step into the enchanting world of Orange Mint – where your garden becomes a citrus-infused haven of freshness! This herb isn't just a culinary delight; it's a burst of sunshine that adds a citrusy twist to your green oasis, plus it's fantastic for deserts and cocktails too!

Let's paint a picture of Orange Mint's visual allure – leaves adorned with a rich palette of green hues, subtly kissed by the warmth of orange tones. It's like a miniature citrus grove right at your fingertips, turning your garden into a visual feast of colours and flavours. Orange Mint isn't just an herb; it's an aesthetic upgrade for your culinary and gardening endeavours.

This herb takes the classic coolness of mint and introduces a zesty embrace of oranges. From invigorating beverages to lively salads, Orange Mint transforms your culinary adventures.

Orange Mint is more than just a culinary companion; it's a mood-lifter every time you step into the garden and catch a whiff of its sweet scent. Plus, the bees and butterflies go wild for the flowers when they bloom with vibrant purple flowers during the summer months of the year. 

Plant your herbs into well-drained soil, provide a splash of sunlight, and watch it thrive. Gardening with Orange Mint is a breeze – it's the kind of herb that turns your outdoor space into a lively citrus haven with minimal effort. If you want to geek out on how to grow mint, we've got the perfect piece of content for you.


  • Latin Name: Mentha x piperata citrata

    Type: Perennial

    Soil Type: Moist soil

    Where should I plant this variety? Sun or partial shade

    How tall does it grow? Approx 45cm

    How much space does it need? Spreads rapidly. Keep contained

    When does it flower? Purple flowers during summer.

    Top care tips: Ideal for growing in a container. It spreads rapidly and needs to be contained.


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