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Orange Thyme

This variety of Thyme combines the traditional delicious flavour or thyme with a little orange also!  The citrus flavour is subtle but present.  This plant is evergreen, hardy and delicious.  

  • "One of our favourite varieties - Orange Thyme.

    “Thymus 'Fragrantissimus’ as we refer to it in private.

    I am going to cut straight to the chase. Orange Thyme smells fantastic. Some would say that it tastes even better than it smells. It still smells and tastes of a little citrus, like Lemon Thyme, but it is much more subtle. It is distinctly ‘Orangey’. This means that it brings a certain sweet and sour element to the flavouring it provides. Chefs that we work with at BBC Good Food Show have used this variety to season poultry or to go into Thai curries.

    This variety is also worth growing for the beautiful white flowers that appear on mass in late spring.

    It is easy to grow, hardy and evergreen. What is not to like?

    Thyme enjoys growing in free drained soil. It really does not like sitting in wet compost so adding grit and additional drainage to the planting medium wood be a really good idea. It would enjoy being planted somewhere sunny and then left to it’s own devices until you need to use it. Really important - you need to prune the Thyme plant to keep it in shape but also to prevent the plant from becoming woody and leggy. Even if you are not using it a lot (WHY?!) you should cut up to the top third of the foliage to encourage new growth. Pruning to encourage positive growth is really important.