The variegated foliage of Pineapple mint in a pot

Pineapple Mint Plants

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This herb is like a tropical escape for your garden, bringing a burst of fruity joy and a touch of botanical paradise. So, hold onto your gardening hats, because we're about to dive into the distinctive charm of Pineapple Mint!

Pineapple Mint isn't your run-of-the-mill herb; it's a flavour fiesta! Envision the classic coolness of mint intertwining with the sweet tropical essence of pineapples. It's a flavour symphony that turns every sip or bite into a vacation for your palate. Whether your opting for a twist on a classic Mojito, adding the fresh, zingy leaves into a salad or adorning a delectable desert with green strands of deliciousness, the uses are seemingly endless.

Pineapple Mint isn't just about taste though, it's a whole aromatic experience. Crush a few leaves between your fingers, and you'll feel instantly calmed! The fragrance is like a fruity breeze, transporting you to a hammock under the swaying leaves of a pineapple grove. It's basically a sensory vacation without leaving your garden.

Pineapple Mint thrives in sunlight, well-drained soil with only a little TLC needed throughout the year to keep it looking its best. It's the kind of herb that transforms your garden into a green sanctuary without any horticultural drama. If you want to know all about how to grow mint, check out our guide which takes you through planting positions through pruning and propagation to ensure you get the very best from these epic herbs.

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  • Latin Name: Mentha sueaveolens 'variegata'

    Type: Perennial

    Soil Type: Moist

    Where should I plant this variety? Sun/partial shade

    How tall does it grow? Approx. 20cm

    How much space does it need? Spreads rapidly. Keep contained

    When does it flower? White flowers during midsummer

    Top care tips: Prune back after flowering and divide late in the year. Keep this variety contained!



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