Pineapple Sage Plants

Pineapple Sage Plants

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Pineapple Sage is a beautiful herb plant that grows, with strong and elegant foliage containing a delicious pineapple aroma and flavour.  This is an excellent example of a herb plant that is perfect for adding to an ornamental flower bed as well as your kitchen garden as it produces stunning bright red flowers. Whilst it's not something you have have heard of before, it's certainly something that'll blow you away with its beauty, fragrance and fun-factor.

This variety will enjoy growing in a sunny or partially shaded position with well-draining soil, whether you pop it in a bed or in a pot making it a great choice for a wide range of gardens. Pineapple Sage will grow quickly to a considerable size so allow this herb plant some space to spread and grow, especially if you are potting it with other herbs. We've got a fantastic guide that is seriously going to help you out with everything from planting and propagating to harvesting and pruning. 

Pineapple Sage is a variety of herb plant that will provide you with so many foodie options in the kitchen. It makes a beautiful herbal tea, when you pour warm water over this foliage the aroma is gorgeous!  We love adding this herb to savoury dishes to provide a sweet and sour flavour or chopping it finely into a salad. If you're liking the sound of this, then you definitely need to check out blackcurrant sage, Kate's absolute favourite herb!


Latin Name: Salvia rutulans

Type: Perennial

Soil Type: Free draining

Where should I plant this variety? Sun/partial shade

How tall does it grow? Approx 90cm

How much space does it need? Approx 70cm

When does it flower? Bright red flowers during summer

Top care tips: Protect from hard frosts to ensure healthy plant during the winter


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