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Rosemary Plants

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Rosemary is a herb that needs very little introduction. It is certainly a proud member of our herb ‘hall of fame’. Why? Because it smells and tastes simply amazing - kind of sweet and fragrant. It is perfect for adding to meat dishes. We often combine it with garlic or salt to create a really delicious seasoning for meat, soups or homemade stews.

          Latin Name: Rosmarinus officinalis

          Type: Evergreen, Perennial

          Soil Type: Free draining

          Where should I plant this variety? Full sun

          How tall does it grow? Approx. 2m

          How much space does it need? Approx. 1m

          When does it flower? Blue flowers during summer

          Top care tips: Cut often to ensure regular crop

It is an essential to any herb garden as a low maintenance plant that will reward you with for many, many years, plus with us you can easily order your herb plants online and have them delivered directly to your door. Perfect for adding as a seasoning to meats and vegetables, whether you're adding fresh springs for flavour or preserving the glossy spines in oils, butters or dehydrated into jars. Not only do they have a beautiful aroma and taste, but their pretty blue flowers will add a pop of colour to your garden.

It grows easily and can survive most of what the British weather can throw at it. Just ensure that it is in free draining soil. It doesn’t like to have wet roots during the winter. Put it somewhere sunny and it will reward you with regular cuttings of delicious flavour. When you brush by the plant it WILL make you feel hungry! There, we warned you!

Originating from the Mediterranean region, rosemary holds a significant place in ancient folklore, culinary traditions, and herbal remedies. In ancient Greece and Rome, rosemary was considered a symbol of memory, loyalty, and remembrance and today is widely loved across the globe for an array of purposes, including adding flavours to meals, being used in perfumes and even used in hair products to stimulate growth.

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