Thyme Caborn Wine and Roses

Thyme Caborn Wine and Roses

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Thyme Caborn Wine and Roses is a truly special and highly unusual variety of Thyme.  It is low growing, producing a carpet-like effect as you plant this in a border or container. Plus, it's fantastic for living walls or spaces which benefit from sprawling plants.

One of the most show-stopping qualities of this herb is its vibrant flush of flowers which appear in the spring and tempts bees in to dine out in delight. The blooms are spectacular in a gorgeous, rich shade of pink which contrasts against the deep green foliage.

Thyme is an incredibly versatile herb which can be used fresh, dried to store for later, used to flavour oils and butters or frozen for freshness. With such a fantastic selection of varieties on offer, you could create a truly mesmerising herb patch of thyme alone, and Caborn Wine and Roses would certainly be one of the most eye-catching.

We've created a handy guide on how to grow thyme to help you get the best from your plants from the moment they arrive at your door. In here you'll find a wealth of expertise from planting positions to propagation to make the most of your herbs.

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  • Latin Name: Thymus Caborn 'Wine and Roses'

    Soil Type: Free draining

    Where should I plant this variety? Full sun

    How tall does it grow? Approx. 5cm, carpet forming

    How much space does it need? Approx. 20cm, spreading, carpet forming.

    When does it flower? Pink flowers during summer

    Top care tips: Prune regularly to avoid plant becoming leggy


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