A selection of vienamese corriander plants in the sun

Vietnamese Coriander Plants

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Vietnamese Coriander is a herb plant that looks beautiful within the herb garden and tastes delicious when you harvest the foliage to use in a foodie creation within the kitchen. It also features in our Spring Stir Fry collection.

Native to the region of South East Asia this beautiful herb plant will grow strongly outdoors once the risk of frost has passed.  We prefer to protect this variety in our polytunnel or take cuttings to grow on inside the kitchen window.  Vietnamese Coriander will grow quickly, spreading and providing you with so much delicious flavour within foliage that looks architectural and stunning.

Vietnamese Coriander is much easier to grow than 'traditional coriander' it is a perennial herb that doesn't go to seed whereas normal coriander is an annual that will go to seed relatively easily.  The flavour of this beautiful herb plant contains more than a hint of coriander, combined with a little lemon and slightly spicy kick.  Does that sound good? We promise that it tastes even better than it sounds! For something else a little spicy, take a look at Curry Plant!


Latin Name: Persicaria odorata
Type: Herbacious perennial
Soil Type: Rich, fertile soil
Where should I plant this variety? Sun/partial shade
How tall does it grow? 45cm
How much space does it need? Spreads slowly but indefinitely
When does it flower? White/pink flowers during the summer
Top care tips: Benefits from protection from frost.


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