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After Eight Mint Mint Plants

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These After Eight Mint Plants are the perfect example of herb plant that will really engage and excite your senses within your kitchen garden. This is a variety of mint that will grow quickly, spreading and filling the pot or herb bed that it is growing within, providing you with an abundance of fresh foliage to use in the kitchen.  For this reason it might be a good idea to keep this one contained unless you have an area which you don't mind being entirely overrun with sweet chocolately minty freshness.

          Latin Name: Mentha x piperita After Eight

          Type: Perennial

          Soil Type: Moist

          Where should I plant this variety? Sun/partial shade

          How tall does it grow? Approx. 30cm

          How much space does it need? Spreads rapidly. Keep contained

          When does it flower? Pale purple flowers during midsummer

          Top care tips: Prune back after flowering and keep contained!

After Eight Mint is a variety of herb plant that is absolutely perfect for using to make a soothing mint tea and is one of our personal favourites.  The peppermint flavour within each leaf is a little sweeter than standard peppermint and this sweetness really translates into a gorgeous cup of herbal tea.  We love to sip this variety on a warm summer morning in our herb garden.  Here are some other herbs that we love to make herbal tea with.


It's also a fantastic addition to an array of desserts and cocktails, an indulgent twist on a mojito perhaps, or a fresh addition to a decadent chocolate torte. The flavour of this herb is incredibly special, and by simply brushing past the plant in your garden your creative juices will be flowing with excitement.  

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