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Indian Mint Plants

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This is such an attractive plant.  Small, green and glossy leaves produce waves of small white flowers throughout the growing season which looks noticeably different to other varieties of mint.  This is actually a semi trailing plant, which makes it perfect for hanging baskets, rockeries or spilling over the side of tubs/containers for a beautiful aesthetic and a heavenly scent. What's more, its abundance of flowers during the summer season is a real treat for bees and butterflies.

          Latin Name:  Satureja douglasii

          Type: Perennial

          Soil Type: Moist soil

          Where should I plant this variety? Sun or partial shade

          How tall does it grow? Approx 3-5cm

          How much space does it need? Spreads slowly. Keep contained

          When does it flower?  White flowers during summer.

          Top care tips: Prune back after flowering and keep contained!

Interestingly, this isn't a 'true' mint plant, otherwise known as Satureja douglasii yet retains many of the hardy and flavourful characteristics of the mint family. It is minty and peppery and slight citrus flavour is so versatile and makes it ideal for adding to drinks, or as a seasoning to a variety of dishes. Another great variety for teas is the Black Peppermint herb!


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