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Lemon Curd Thyme

Fantastic, extra sweet variety of Lemon Thyme.  This really does smell distinctly of lemon curd.  Delicious when used with chicken or fish dishes.  Hardy, evergreen and easy to grow.

  • We love introducing people to strange and beautiful varieties of herb. And Lemon Curd Thyme (Thymus serpyllum 'Lemon Curd’) is certainly both of these things. Why ‘Lemon Curd’? Well, to us this is an extra sweet variety of Lemon Thyme that gives you that distinctive ‘curd’ flavour. I wish that you could smell this plant through the screen (we have tried - it doesn’t really work). This extra sweetness is so useful in the kitchen. We have seen it used with savoury dishes to provide a sweet and sour flavour contrast. The sweet flavour works really well with fish. It is also surprisingly amazing in a cocktail. Both the lemon and sweet nature of the flavour contained within this variety's leaves really come through in a strong drink. It is a beautifully decorative variety of Thyme also. Quite low growing, it can be encouraged to trail or spill over the edge of pots of hanging baskets. It is evergreen so the ground cover that it offers is very welcome. When it flowers in late spring, it really provides a flash of colour in the kitchen garden that stands out. Like all varieties of Thyme, it would enjoy being planted in full sun but most importantly it wants to be in free draining soil as it really doesn’t like sitting in water. Perfect when planted in a free draining border or container.