Roman Chamomile

Roman Chamomile

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Roman Chamomile is a great variety with which to plant and grow your own herbal tea. During late spring, the foliage is covered in attractive flowers that can be picked, dried or used fresh to produce this deep and lovely flavour of tea.

The plant is easy to grow and spreads in clumps. Perfect for both containers and planting in borders. The bees love the flowers that it produces too. Win win!

  • Latin Name: Chamaemelum nobile

    Type: Perennial

    Soil Type: Free draining

    Where should I plant this variety? Full sun/partial shade

    How tall does it grow? 5-10cm

    How much space does it need? Approx 30cm

    When does it flower? Gorgeous chamomile white flowers

    Top care tips Divide regularly for extra plants and to promote healthy growth.


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