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Lemon Mint Plants

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Mint is a fantastic, vigorously growing herb which creates a multi-sensory experience within your garden. Highly scented, a fantastic citrusy flavour and blooming with pastel purple flowers during the summer, there is so much to love about this luscious plant. Lemon mint in particular is a subtle and intriguing variety of mint that is so useful and versatile. We love adding the leaves to homemade lemonade or a mojito for a fresh twist, or utilising the leaves in Moroccan dishes, salads and deserts! What's more, it makes a truly delightful mint tea.  

          Latin Name: Mentha x piperita f. citrata 'Lemon'

          Type: Perennial

          Soil Type: Moist soil

          Where should I plant this variety? Sun or partial shade

          How tall does it grow? Approx 40-50cm

          How much space does it need? Approx 40-50cm

          When does it flower? Pale purple flowers during summer.

          Top care tips: Prune after flowering and keep contained!

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Growing Lemon Mint in the UK is a rewarding endeavor, thanks to its adaptability and tendency to thrive in our temperate climate. The herb features elongated leaves with a delicately textured surface and exuding a distinct lemony aroma when gently brushed against. Its modest height and spreading habit make it an ideal candidate for containers, garden beds, or even as an edging plant. However, be warned, all varieties of mint can be very invasive if not contained, so make sure you're clued up on how to grow mint if it's your first time adding this tantalising herb into your garden.

Be sure to keep harvesting throughout the year for use in your dishes, or dehydrate the leaves in batches to store for future tea time treats. Mint plants benefit from a hard cut back after they have flowered in the summer, and often this will reward you with a second flush of fragrant and vibrant leaves to enjoy. 

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